Participate in Podret's eCashier program and earn easily.

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Podret eCashiers earn 7% commission on each local bank deposit and 5% for each withdrawal transaction; They also earn 2.1% for every credit card deposit transaction they process.

How do I become a Podret eCashier?

1. Want to take that next step and help Podret Incorporated become a household name in cryptocurrency trading? If you want to become an eCashier, fill out the application form. Answer a few short questions, and we'll be happy to help you get started.

2. As Podret grows continually, we will keep having onboard, more and more eCashiers to make all processes seamless. We want to ensure that the level of activity is attractive for eCashiers, while keeping the service fast and safe for members by transacting with the best eCashiers available.

3. Once you become an eCashier, know that our great support team is here to help you with any questions. We want to make sure everyone on our service is happy, so if you have any questions, just let us know!.

Instuctions for Podret eCashiers?

1. Double-check that the information you provide Podret is correct. The name on any ID provided to Podret must match the name on the Podret account created, to carryout all deposit and withdrawal transactions.

2. Set a range for the maximum number of deposits and withdrawals that you are can handle on a daily basis.

3. Double-check that you have sufficient local currency in your bank or other e-transfer accounts before accepting a withdrawal transaction.

4. When making e-transfers of local currency to complete a withdrawal transaction, verify that the amount is correct.

5. Execute transactions swiftly and with precision. This is the secret to a great rating. And a great rating will bring you more Clients, which means more business.