Country Agents

Registration Ongoing

Increase the popularity and great benefits of this platform in your Country.

Not only would the Podret Country Agents earn 15% from every first deposit of their referrals and 1% from their country deposit, they also earn weekly payouts from the Podret Marketing Team.

High performers also would earn extra weekly payouts to encourage them. That is not all, they would also be given regular budget to boost all ground promotions of our Podret in their own way. Reports and details of these and more would be sent back to the Podret Marketing Team.

Podret Country Agents would be placed on both live and online training programs. This is to ensure that the image of Podret is well and better represented in their various location. Best Performing Country Agents would be rewarded with our quarterly all-expense-paid trip to various selected countries and locations. Developments on these and more would be regularly updated across all our social media accounts and pages.

The application process is simple, transparent and straight-forward.

  1. Fill the form below with the same and corresponding details you opened your Podret account with;
  2. Make a minimum active deposit of $500 on Podret;
  3. Make a minimum of at least, one withdrawal from your own account;