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Earn 14.8% weekly of your deposit


How It Works

We keep things simple


Fund Account

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Fund your wallet with bitcoin or through e-Cashier agents.

Buy a portfolio from your wallet.


Podret Trade

Podret trades for you.

You earn as much as 2.8% daily.

Sell directly into your local bank account and bitcoin wallet within 24 Hours.


Podret buys LiteCoin
Size: 60BTC (5BTC at 12x leverage)

LTC price increases by 5%.

Podret earns a profit of 5% x 60BTC = 3BTC, a 60% return of the initial 5BTC investment

Live Trading
Name D*n
Trade Sell
Order $702
Date April 20, 2018
Name s********h
Trade Sell
Order $970
Date April 20, 2018
Name C****k
Trade Sell
Order $1100
Date April 20, 2018
Name b***m
Trade Sell
Order $1170
Date April 20, 2018
Name a*******r
Trade Sell
Order $536
Date April 20, 2018

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Why You'll Love Podret

Here are the few things that make us tick


The member dashboard is ubiquitous and simplified. With instructions to guide you through, your navigation is simplified.


Invest with just a minimum of $10 and start earning like a pro.


With a wealth of experience in stock trading and finance, we minimize records of losses by sharing members’ capitals across different portfolio.

Security & Privacy

Guaranteed protection, providing a safe and secure arena to invest.


Member records are kept confidential and not shared with unknown parties.

Service Speed

With an active team of people at you beck and call, you are guaranteed a very fast service with us.

Affiliate Network
Be part of our striving global network that enable everyone to earn more.

Country Agents

Our Country Agents earn 15% from direct referral and 1% from all members who join Podret from their country.



Our partners earn 10% from direct referral and 5% from second level referral deposit.